Children seem to grow like weeds. During this vital time in their life, they need adequate nutrients to grow up big, strong, and healthy.

We all want the best for our kids. It can be intimidating giving your child any sort of medication. That’s why many parents are making the switch to organic!

Keep reading to find the best organic children’s vitamins in 2020 to buy.

SmartyPants Organics Kids Complete

This all-encompassing is a great multivitamin that also includes probiotics and omega 3s. All SmartyPants Organics products are USDA-certified organic, making them a reputable brand.

Your child will get bone and immune support from vitamin C, D3, and B12. In addition, these are all vegetarian products free of gluten, gelatin, milk, eggs, and more.

This product is for children four and up. Have a toddler? Try their toddler version.

Garden of Life Organic Kids+ Probiotics

This product can do wonders for immune and gut health with over 14 strains of probiotics. Probiotics deliver important, good bacterias into the stomach to help regulate and fight bad bacteria.

They will also get a good dose of vitamin C and D3 for additional support.

Yummi Bears Organics Complete Multi

Yummi Bears was the first children’s vitamin brand to create gummy vitamins. This product has 14 essential minerals and vitamins to support your child’s health.

You’ll also find that it is allergen-friendly, gelatin-free, vegetarian, and naturally flavored.

Vitamin Friends Iron Vegan Gummies

Iron is especially important for children because it supports growth and development. This gummy is vegan, low in sugar, approved by the Autism Hope Alliance, and gentle on sensitive stomachs.

It contains iron, as well as beta carotene, zinc, folic acid, and biotin. Plus, it has numerous vitamins such as C, B3, B5, B6, and B12.

MegaFood Kids B Complex

Vitamin B aids in producing red blood cells and assists in metabolic activities. It’s important that your child gets their fair share of this nutrient to enrich their diet and strengthen their immune system.

This particular vitamin harnesses the power of vitamin B, zinc, biotin, chromium, lemon balm, folate, and more to give your child a boost. It is designed to also help your child stay focused and calm, making it great for kids with ADHD/ADD and autism.

These are tablets, unlike many of the other children’s chewable vitamins that come in gummy form. With some easy steps, your child won’t have trouble swallowing these.

Zarbee’s Naturals Organic Vitamins for Toddlers

For those younger children, Zarbee’s Naturals Organic Vitamins are jam-packed with minerals and vitamins to help growth and boost the immune system. You’ll find natural ingredients such as honey, agave, and elderberry.

Supplement With Organic Children’s Vitamins

Watching our kids grow up is bittersweet and sometimes, you wish you could keep them little for just a while longer. However, we all must grow up. You can make sure they are getting exactly what they need to be healthy individuals with the help of these organic children’s vitamins.

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