People’s weight affects their health in every way, how they look, how they feel and their ability to move around. Too much weight results in debilitating illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes, stress, depression and high blood pressure. Being overweight also fails the body’s ability to fight infection. It can cause infertility and arthritis as well.

So, why is having a good body weight important? The answer is simple – for better health and better quality of life. A healthy body weight helps us manage many symptoms related to health conditions, such as lack of energy, shortness of breath or body pain. It can help us become active throughout the day and get us a good sleep at night.


The reason to lose weight or make changes to eating habits is something personal and unique to each of you. The most important reason for some could be physical appearance and for others it could be an emotional one. If you are concerned about your weight, you may want to consult a bariatric surgeon orange county professional. Others may think of visiting a dietician or therapist specialized in weight loss through diet and exercise. 

In essence, these are typically valid reasons to change weight:

  • To have more energy to do things
  • To manage a particular health condition
  • To feel better about yourself
  • To change your appearance and look shapely
  • To have more control over your health and life

What is healthy weight of a human body? Most people tend to lose or gain weight at some point in their life. Yet, they go on living a healthy lifestyle because their weight fluctuation is not that significant. This means there is no such thing as an ideal weight. As long as you are healthy and eating the right kind of food, your weight if not affecting your health in any way or obstructing to do things you always wanted to do, you are in good shape.

Strictly speaking, a range of good body weight is one which will help you lower the risk of developing any short-term or long-term illness. This is the weight where you feel comfortable, have self-confidence and can carry on with life daily without any effort. There are, however, many metrics to determine what your healthy body weight should be based on your height, weight, age, lifestyle and other living factors. Note that these metrics are a way to pinpoint where you stand with healthy weight and not an ultimate cure to your health problems.

If you are not there yet and want to reach or maintain a healthy weight that mean so much to you, you will need to make some changes to your food habits as well as lifestyle in general. Now for a piece of important advice: you are making these changes for yourself, not for others. These changes are something that you will need to stick to for a long time.

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