Electromagnetic fields, when they occur in nature, are not particularly harmful. We produce our own electromagnetic fields, especially when it comes to our muscular and nervous systems. Even the earth has its natural electromagnetic field, and the atmosphere has electromagnetic fields as well. But when we are talking about harmful EMFs, these often come from devices that we have created. EMF exposure can come from virtually anywhere – from our cell phones, our vehicles, our power lines, our computers, and even our toaster ovens and hair dryers.

In the past, our concern about EMFs was not so high only because the exposure to them was not as constant or extensive. But in today’s world, our exposure to EMFs is more prevalent and rampant. We are continuously exposed to electromagnetic fields, and this is a significant cause for concern indeed. Here are the specific reasons why you should consciously reduce your exposure to EMFs.

Is it really dangerous?

The thing is, we need to do more studies on the effects of EMFs so that we can have more conclusive answers regarding the dangers. But the fact is that we live in homes with 24/7 WiFi, with smart meters, with cell phones, and with a myriad of other electronic gadgets – and this constant exposure can’t be good for us.

Symptoms associated with overexposure

While most of us are not that sensitive to too much exposure to EMFs, some people are extra sensitive and must be careful not to expose their bodies to high levels of EMFs. Symptoms can change from one individual to the next, although there are some symptoms which even you may experience from time to time. These include symptoms such as chronic or regular headaches, excessive tiredness or fatigue, a feeling of anxiety or stress, difficulty sleeping at night; tingling, prickling, or burning sensations on the skin, and a kind of ‘buzzing’ sound in the brain. If you have unexplained hives or rashes, this could also be the result of overexposure to EMFs. If you don’t have a robust immune system, you may tend to get sick easily, and this could also be due to too much exposure to electromagnetic fields.

One way you could determine if your symptoms are related to EMF exposure is to ‘unplug’ for a week. Go camping to a location where you don’t have a cell phone signal and where you can’t use any electrical gadgets. See how you feel. Do you feel more energised? Do you feel happier and more alive? Of course, being in the midst of nature may contribute to that happy and energised feeling, but you should also assess how you sleep during this time.

Even if you are doubtful about the cumulative harmful effects of EMFs, it’s still better to take precautions. Reduce your cell phone use as much as you can. Unplug appliances and gadgets when they are not in use. Wear EMF protection jewellery, which is not only attractive but also inherently useful in protecting your body from EMFs. Doing these things can help you reduce your exposure, and you may well end up feeling better in the long run.

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