How do you ensure to maintain your health and wellness for the longest time? Regular exercise is a key to preserving your health; besides lowering your health conditions, it also improves your mental wellness. Healthy diets, including low fat and low-calorie meals, and not forgetting plenty of water, are also important.

Having a medical physician to cater to your health needs can also promote your well-being. David N. Peterson, APRN, ND, a medical care provider at PharmXhealthOne, is more than happy to partner with you in your healthcare. Make a consultation today to learn more.

The team at PharmXhealthOne believes in quality and value in providing healthcare to patients of all ages. They focus on enhancing good healthy living through the right mindset, preventative care, exercise, good nutrition, and minimizing toxin exposure.

PharmXhealthOne achieves its goal of providing effective and reliable care by offering the following services.

Stress Management

High levels of stress can harm your health. It increases your risk of health problems, such as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, obesity, among other health issues. Sometimes life can be stressful, but finding a way to balance the stress can be helpful.

Stress management at PharmXhealthcareOne includes techniques to reduce chronic stress, improve overall health, and better your life. Your provider personalizes your treatment to meet your needs and preferences.

Some of the stress management options at PharmXhealthcareOne may include:

  •         Massage
  •         Yoga
  •         IV therapy
  •         Dietary changes
  •         Vitamin shots
  •         Supervised weight loss
  •         Increased physical activity
  •         Counseling sessions
  •         Meal plans


It is common to experience fatigue at different times in your life. Although normal, fatigue may have negative impacts on your life. When it occurs after a long period, it may lower your energy levels and ability to focus.

Treatment is appropriate to promote your physical and mental wellness.

Fatigue may occur due to various causes such as lack of physical exercise, underlying health conditions, or a side-effect of depression. Fatigue can cause headaches, muscle weakness, dizziness, impaired decision making among other symptoms.

Contact a health provider to find a treatment for fatigue and improve your life.

Pain Management

As humans, we are prone to experiencing different types of pain. Pain management is a critical part of managing and living a healthy and peaceful life.

PharmXhealthOne offers Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology, an advanced pain management treatment option. The technique uses pressure waves to activate metabolism, promote the healing process, and enhance blood circulation.

EPAT is effective in treating various pains of the musculoskeletal system.

Body Composition Analysis

Having a better understanding of your body composition can help improve your health and wellness. PharmXhealthOne uses a body composition analyzer to take a survey on your physical health.

The body composition analyzer provides accurate information about your muscle mass, body water, and fat mass. The results of this survey help detect any potential health problem, assess your progress on the medical weight loss program, detect water loss, and monitor your improvement during physical therapy.

Preventative care is usually the best cure for your health problems. PharmXhealthOne offers quality and effective health services to help improve your health and wellness. Consider talking to them to learn how you can maintain your well-being.

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