Roswell motor vehicle accident injury treatment depends on your evaluation and the severity of your injuries. While a scar might be the least significant injury you are likely to have after a motor vehicle accident, an amputation, on the other hand, is the most adverse, forcing you to live with a permanent disability. Besides physical injuries, you may also experience mental injuries, forcing you to have emotional outbursts.

What are the types of motor vehicle injuries you may have?

There are various injuries you are likely to get from a motor vehicle accident. Depending on where you get affected, your doctor may categorize your injuries into categories like head injuries, soft tissue injuries, mental or internal body injuries.

The forms of injuries you can get after a vehicle accident injury include:

  • Back injuries

Having a healthy back is crucial because it is also central to almost everything you need to do. A painful back injury might negatively impact your life. As a motor vehicle accident victim, you may suffer from herniated discs, fractured or broken bones, or a sprained back. Unfortunately, your lower back that facilitates mobility is the area most affected by such injuries. As a result, your symptoms may disappear after a couple of months or weeks.

  • Traumatic brain injuries

You are susceptible to a traumatic brain injury after a motor vehicle accident. Objects that loosen or get unstable during an accident are likely to cause severe head injuries. Unfortunately, you may fail to experience such injuries right away. However, you may have symptoms like difficulty thinking or remembering information, migraines, or emotional outbursts.

  • Amputations and lost limbs

Though such injuries are not very common, you may have a lifelong and irreversible disability with an amputation or a lost limb. Such permanent injuries will force you to alter how you live your everyday life. Although amputation is usually the last resort, your doctor will only recommend the procedure when your arms, legs, fingers, or toes are adversely affected.

  • Broken bones

A broken bone is a typical occurrence when a motor vehicle accident is severe, like multiple collisions or when your vehicle rolls over. Broken bones may force you to have complex internal injuries that might be difficult to treat. For instance, you may puncture your lungs when you have broken ribs from a motor vehicle accident. Broken bones injuries include hip fractures, broken ribs, and busted ribs.

  • Neck injuries

Neck-strain injuries and severe whiplash are common with motor vehicle accidents. In other instances, you may experience a severe injury like cervical dislocation.

  • Scarring

Disfigurements and scarring in a motor vehicle accident may result from chemical spills, fire, or shattered glasses. In such instances, you are likely to have lacerations and burns, resulting in deep scarring. Facial scars may lower your confidence and self-esteem. On the other hand, scars affecting your nerves will most likely affect your motor control functions.

Your chances of walking out of a motor vehicle accident without a scratch are very minimal, especially when you had a collision or your vehicle rolled over. As a result, an evaluation can best determine if your injury is minor or significant. Contact your doctor immediately after a motor vehicle accident to know if your injury can impact your life negatively.

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