Has something ever happened to you that killed your self-esteem, and the whole day was crowded with negative thoughts about yourself? Negative thinking is the leading killer of self-esteem, and the more negatively you think about yourself, the less confident you feel, and this can affect your quality of life and how you relate with people. Negative thoughts can be ingrained such that you don’t even realize it. You get depressed, have bad moods, and even make bad choices in life. You need to know that negative thoughts towards yourself and life, in general, are damaging, and here is how.

Dealing with Negative Thoughts to Boost Your Self-Confidence

Managing how you think about yourself is essential to changing your life and your decisions. Start by educating yourself about the importance of positive thinking and try meditation. It is also a good idea to seek support. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a crucial therapy specializing in working on how you think and changing your thinking patterns. Therefore, getting CBT in London helps you realize your thoughts and feelings. You recognize yourself and how the way you feel affects your self-esteem. The therapist will help you start taking a positive way of thinking and realize your self-worth.

How Do You Entertain Negative Thoughts That Affect Your Self-Esteem

o   Doubting Yourself and Others

Self-doubt is another major killer of self-esteem. If you feel someone will not like you the way you are or you don’t trust people enough, you will often have negative thoughts about yourself. There is a lot of talk about loving yourself the way you are and trusting in yourself and others.

o   Anticipating the Worst All the Time

If you always anticipate the worst outcomes, you are running your confidence. You always feel like something terrible is bound to happen or your plan will fail. Understandably, a lot may have happened in life that may have driven your thoughts to this extent. However, you need to recognize that things don’t have to be wrong. Always stay calm and expect the best in everything. Soon, you will get disappointed in life, which will take a toll on your self-confidence.

o   Blaming Yourself for Everything

Sometimes you blame yourself for everything that happens. You feel things could have gone well if you had done something differently. You blame yourself for other people’s reactions and behavior and think that people reacted in specific ways toward you because you are not good enough. When such negative toughs creep into your mind, your self-esteem goes down.

o   Giving Yourself Pep Talks

Giving yourself pep talks may seem like a way of encouraging yourself. However, on the flip side, it may be ruining your confidence. When you say, “I am a winner, not a loser,” are you encouraging yourself? Do you believe that, or you are trying to tell yourself you are not good enough to achieve something?

o   Feeling Ashamed

Shame drives you to negative thinking, and you will never feel good enough. You may be ashamed of your actions, even if they are not wrong or even everything you say.

Final Thoughts!

Awareness of your thoughts and how they affect your behavior and decisions is crucial. Remember, self-esteem is vital since it determines your feelings and courage to do things. If you need help, CBT can help eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

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