The word chemical peel may be terrifying to some people considering it will be done on their faces. However, with the scary name comes excellent cosmetic benefits and skin health improvements. After a successful chemical peel procedure, you can expect to have a smooth texture with an improved tone. Additionally, it can prevent and treat various chronic skin conditions. Get a chemical peel in Memphis at A Beautiful You Medical Spa to help you achieve your skin goals. Below is everything about a chemical peel procedure.

Who is the right candidate?

Chemical peels are a great option to improve skin tone and texture. However, they are not suitable for everyone, especially if you have deep wrinkles and scars. A healthy person can go through the procedure at any time. Here are some other factors that can prevent you from undergoing this procedure:

  •       A family or personal history of scar abnormalities, including keloid scars
  •       Presence of open sores, infections, or other chronic skin conditions
  •       Spending too much time outside with direct exposure to the sun
  •       A darker skin tone because it can increase the risk of pigmentation problems.
  •       Period of pregnancy, nursing, or breastfeeding

What should you expect?

Minimal side effects: Chemical peel reactions may vary from one person to another. However, most people will experience soreness or burning sensation for the first few hours after the session and some irritation after a few days. The good news is that the side effects are mild and short-lived. If they persist for more than a week, consult your doctor.

Skin peel: This is precisely why the procedure was given the name chemical peel. Therefore, you can expect the skin to peel off after a few days, usually two to five days. The peel is almost similar to the one that occurs after sunburn. When this happens, just clean the flakes with a clean cloth carefully not to irritate your skin.

Multiple treatments: One treatment is perfectly okay, and you will note improvements. But if you want the maximum results of a chemical peel, you should be prepared to book a couple of appointments. This will also be beneficial because the dermatologist can get the chance to check on your progress.

Skip cosmetics: Cosmetics such as makeup are unique when applied to the face. However, if you have just been through a chemical peel recently, doctors recommend that you keep away from makeup for about two weeks.

Avoid high temperatures: After the procedure, you will experience some redness and tingling that is perfectly normal. To manage the effects, avoid too much time outdoors and take cool showers until the healing is done. This also applies to too much exercising as it will heat you.

Many people do not understand the entire concept of skin peels. One sure thing is that the results are always excellent. Chemical peels enhance the regeneration of new cells damaging the unhealthy old ones. It is also a tremendous anti-aging procedure. For additional questions or guidance concerning any skin cosmetic services, book an appointment online with A Beautiful You Medical Spa.



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