Today, the term family planning has become more popular than before. Although it is widely known just for birth control, family planning is more than that. Medical experts at Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley offer family planning in McAllen, not only as birth control but to help women and their partners create a family structure in line with their personal, cultural, and financial needs and goals. Therefore, there are more benefits to practicing family planning as described above.

To Avoid Unplanned Pregnancies

When family planning is mentioned, most people understand it as a birth control process. Yes! It helps control childbearing, but the primary purpose is to promote adequate maternal and child health. When individuals are not ready or are not able to meet the requirements needed to achieve optimal health, it would be best to avoid bearing a child. In doing so, you get to reduce the economic and cognitive burden to yourselves and your family.

Pregnancy-Related Health Risks are Reduced

Several factors, such as the changing landscape of women’s lifestyle and unplanned teen pregnancies, can influence complications during pregnancies. Take, for example, a teen who conceived and can’t bear with the pregnancy. They will want to get rid of it, and desperation can make them look for alternatives, including unsafe abortion practices. Sometimes even to other women, pregnancy can occur when they are not physically or mentally ready, leading to complications such as maternal depression.

With family planning, you will be able to conceive at the right time when you are ready and have planned for it. This will have better outcomes, assuring optimal health for the mother and the baby.

Reduces the Incidence of STIs and Addresses Infertility

Sexually transmitted infections are common and affect your genitals. Consequently, these complications can cause infertility if not adequately managed. Although most of the conditions are silent and take a long time before they are diagnosed, the family planning methods have a solution. Some family planning methods address STIs and subsequent infertility. Therefore, family planning can be what you need to manage some of the conditions or detect some of them while still silent.

Responsible Sexual Behavior

With family planning, people can plan for sexual behaviors, pregnancies, and childbirth, increasing their responsibility. This contributes positively to complete sexual and reproductive health. Besides, with family planning, you can reach an optimum family size and avoid unwanted pregnancies, helping you exercise your responsibility and choice in this vital area of your life.

Socio-Economic Benefits

Family planning is a long-term process that allows you to determine the number of children you want to have, and when you want it to happen. It comes with several social and economic benefits. Unlike when family planning was uncommon, women today can pursue their careers, education, and participate in social life as they plan. Unwanted pregnancies took that away from them where many had to drop out of school and face some social stigmas. But by avoiding teen pregnancies secures the future of the women.

There are several family planning options out there, and each can benefit you differently. It would be good to contact family planning specialists at Women’s Clinic of the Rio Grande Valley and discover more about how you can benefit from particular birth control options. Besides, the specialists will help you find the proper birth control for you.


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