Hand injuries tend to be common in homes. You can injure your hand while performing everyday activities like woodworking, cooking, exercising, or even lawn mowing. Most of the injuries you experience can be prevented by following simple common-sense guidelines. If you injure your hand, you want to seek a La Jolla hand injuries specialist to get timely and specialized treatment. Here are some ways you can prevent hand injuries while at home.

In the kitchen

You may injure your hand in the kitchen as you perform activities such as cutting vegetables or handling kitchen equipment. When using a knife, avoid cutting toward yourself. You need to cut away from your fingers so that you keep them from harm. Make sure that you cut on a clean, dry, as well as a stable surface. The kitchen should be well lit so you can see whatever you are using. Also, you want to keep knife blades in shape because dull blades may be more dangerous than sharp ones since you tend to use more force.

When loading the dishwasher, ensure that sharp blades point away from you. For the frequently used items, you want to keep them on the lower shelves and ensure they are within easy reach. If you reach higher cabinets, use a sturdy step stool to avoid a potential fall that could injure your wrist.

Within the workshop

The use of power saws can cause hand injuries. Many people receive finger amputations every year because of injuries. To prevent injuries, ensure you remain focused and alert while using a power tool or saw. Protective gloves can help prevent minor injuries like lacerations and abrasions, but major injuries from power tools may not be prevented with gloves. When cleaning and changing blades, make sure you disconnect the power supply. Ensure you use your tools for their precise purpose. For example, do not use a screwdriver as your chisel.

Within the yard

Injuries arising from snow blowers and lawnmowers can be devastating. So, you want to avoid clearing a jammed snowblower or lawnmower with your hand. Try to disable the power source while clearing the tool. Clear the jam using a tool and not your fingers. You can use gloves to prevent minor injuries. When lifting a lawnmower, do not grasp it under the base where its sharp blades are hidden. While working, ensure that there is adequate lighting. Make sure you wear sturdy footwear to help prevent falls and slips while using your lawnmower. Also, avoid working on wet or moist grass.

These are some of the ways you can prevent having hand injuries at your home. Remember that most of the injuries you can prevent by taking simple precautionary measures. Being attentive and alert while working at home can go a long way in ensuring you do not injure yourself. Before you use any tools, ensure that you know how they work, and handle them safely. Consult your trusted physician to learn what to do when you suffer hand injuries.



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