In many dental care facilities, you will find electric handpieces. These devices are used for a multitude of procedures, including decay removal and dental restoration. You can find out more about electric dental hand pieces online. It is worth mentioning that, to ensure patient safety and adherence to FDA regulations, handpieces need to be maintaned and handled with care. Here is some information about how to properly take care of electric handpieces.

Inspect Before Use

Prior to conducting any dental work that requires you to utilize an electric handpiece, be sure to take certain measures to ascertain that the tool is in top-notch condition. First, look for any damage, such as dents, on the exterior of the handpiece. Next, turn the device on, and check if it rotates fluidly. Then, while it is on, notice whether it is emitting any strange sounds that might suggest that it is not working correctly. Lastly, use your bare wrist to detect whether it is operating at a very high heat–this is a sign of wear-and-tear and an increase in friction. By inspecting your electric handpiece, you can avoid using something faulty on your patients.

Maintain on a Regular Basis

You can maintain your electric handpiece yourself to keep it functioning well. There are manual procedures you can engage in to preserve the quality of this device. To get rid of microbes, place the handpiece under a stream of water and clean it with a soft-bristled brush. To keep it turning smoothly, use a lubricant on its head region. Note that there are automatic maintenance machines you can invest in to clean your handpiece more effectively and efficiently than you would be able to accomplish on your own.

Seek Professional Repair Services

If you have a handpiece that is noticeably or severely damaged, you can have it repaired by experts. These professionals offer a variety of services to improve the condition of electric handpieces. They can dissemble the device to uncover any internal damage, and they can repair and replace its parts, if needed. They can also clean and sterilize your handpiece to eliminate bioburden. Note that these professionals also offer repair services for the control systems and motors used in conjuction with electric handpieces.

Electric handpieces are a must-have for many denstists. These tools should be cared for on a consistent basis so that dentists can protect their patients and conduct their best work.

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