For a proficient and visually appealing face and neck lift, it would be best if you select the top plastic surgeon in New York. Access the highest standard of care from Dr. Norman Pastorek, a well-known facial plastic surgeon with offices in Madison, Connecticut, and Park Avenue in Upper East Side Manhattan, NYC. Discover what to expect from this routine plastic surgery technique by scheduling a consultation with a reputable New York face & neck lift specialist, by calling the office, or booking online.

What Exactly Is a Neck Lift?

If you want to rejuvenate your youthful appearance by decreasing the indications of age, a neck lift can help. A neck lift often entails the removal of excess tissue and skin beneath the jawline and chin. Dr. Pastorek could also suture your vertical muscle cords on the front side of your neck to decrease their prominence.

During the neck lift operation, liposuction is performed to eliminate extra fatty deposits underneath the chin. At the very same time, the muscle cords are managed. After suture excision, any extra skin is pulled back and cut from the rear end of the ear, then NASA lightwave therapy is utilized to accelerate healing.

Some of Dr. Pastorek’s clients opt for just a neck lift, whereas most opt for a full neck and facelift. Based on the appearance you want to achieve, you have an alternative.

What Exactly Is Involved in A Facelift?

The deep plane facelift procedure is used whenever Dr. Norman Pastorek performs a facelift in New York. This method lifts the facial skin and adjusts the sagging jowl and cheek fat to a more youthful configuration. It eliminates the strained or pulled appearance, which could result from simply raising the skin.

Dr. Pastorek, your renowned plastic surgeon, has tweaked this technique to provide you the most satisfactory outcomes with the least amount of recuperation time. In contrast to a conventional facelift, Dr. Pastorek’s facelift is more thorough because it treats all tissues in your face, encompassing your cheek area. Dr. Pastorek will perform the treatment in a manner that no visible scars are left, and drains are rarely required.

What Should You Anticipate If You Go to Dr. Pastorek for A Face and Neck Lift?

Dr. Pastorek has performed over 2,500 cosmetic rejuvenation treatments such as face and neck lifts. He has refined the processes throughout the years to best suit the patient by helping them achieve the most natural-looking outcome. He offers a safe surgical experience, accompanied by a quick recovery and minimal downtime. Patients across New York praise Dr. Pastorek for the long-lasting outcomes of this operation.

Those searching for a private cosmetic surgeon for conservative appearances in Madison, CT, and Manhattan, New York City, should consider Dr. Pastorek. He delivers the best level of care and attention, employing advanced techniques and medical technologies. To find out more about his face and neck lift procedures, arrange an appointment through mobile or use the online booking tool right away.

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