Today, our lives are busier than ever and being in a constant state of action makes it that much more difficult for us to relax. As a result, many people can’t relax, which keeps them from getting an adequate amount of quality sleep each night. In turn, poor sleeping habits make us irritable, anxious, and depressed. Over time, those mental states wear us down and build up the stress we experience. It can initiate an endless cycle, when the individual finds no relief.

NeuroScience Has a Solution to Your Sleeping Disorder

While there are plenty of sleep aids on the market, each one is different and many don’t really address the root problem. However, Kavinace Ultra PM from NeuroScience goes to work on the deeper causes of sleeplessness, which makes it possible for the individual to return to a normal sleeping pattern. In addition to promoting quality sleep, Kavinace Ultra PM also works to reduce stress and anxiety, which, in turn, elevates the mood and reduces instances of uncontrolled mood swings.

The formula for NeuroScience’s new sleep remedy contains three key ingredients that work to help the body return to a more natural relaxed state. First, Kavinace Ultra PM contains 4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid, which is a GABA derivative. When the compound crosses the blood-brain barrier, it acts as a GABAB agonist, affecting the nervous system and helping the individual to feel less anxious and tense.

Additionally, the NeuroScience sleeping aid adds 5-HTP, which promotes the production of serotonin. In addition to helping to stabilize mood, serotonin also helps in the development of melatonin, which is also a compound found in Kavinace Ultra PM. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by the body that regulates sleep and wakefulness by controlling the neurotransmitters in the brain. As the melatonin calms the activity of neurotransmitters, the individual feels more relaxed and is better able to fall asleep.

Kavinace Ultra PM Offers More Benefits

While primarily recommended to resolve sleep issues, Kavinace Ultra PM can alleviate negative mental and emotional states that instigate stress. This means it can solve mood issues and alleviate stress in the body, as it promotes healthier sleep cycles. Over time, this may help the brain adjust to a normal sleep cycle on its own.

As an amino acid supplement, Kavinace Ultra PM contains compounds that are natural to the body, but may not be produced in sufficient quantities to help the individual get quality sleep. Even so, individuals should consult their doctor, before starting the treatment, just as they would before taking any new supplement.

Since Kavinace Ultra PM is a supplement, it may be a better alternative than prescription drugs. Most prescription sleeping pills contain addictive substances, which can be habit forming. Conversely, Kavinace Ultra PM offers a more natural solution to your sleeping disorder. This helps you get the relaxation and sleep you need without risking the onset of an addiction.

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