Do you have a chronic pain in your back, legs, and arms that remains incurable even after consuming hundreds of medicines?

Do you have a constantly increasing weight even after spending months on arduous diet plans?

Do you have a sharply declining sexual performance even after being regular on your pills?

Do you feel your sex appeal to be lowering with age?

Then, my friend, you should definitely try a hormone therapy for men. It has many applications in the treatment of various disorders.

But before going for one, you should always keep an eye on its effectiveness and cost.


  • The efficiency of hormone therapy for men depends upon age. Older people usually have declining levels of testosterone. The decline is not usually caused by a disease in older men. Lower testosterone levels in elderly people are caused due to hypothalamus-pituitary function and due to decreased function of Leydig cells. Hormone therapy has better results for younger people with naturally lower testosterone levels or due to a disease.
  • Hormone therapy is not a supplement. You can have better results from hormone therapy if you have some of the low testosterone symptoms. It does not benefit healthy people but instead can harm them due to high testosterone levels.
  • The benefits of hormone therapy greatly depend on the causes of symptoms. For example, if Osteoporosis can be treated by medicines like bisphosphonates and other medicines then hormone therapy may not help.

In short, hormone therapy for men is an effective treatment for many diseases like Andropause, bone problems, sleep problems, etc.

It eliminates many painful disease symptoms contributing to a healthier and longer life, but its efficacy depends on many factors as aforementioned.

Hormone therapy is not a good option for men with liver problems, heart diseases, HBP, and other diseases because it can aggravate the disease.

Leydig cells secrete Androgen and Testosterone


It is a much affordable treatment. In fact, it can actually reduce the monthly cost raised on medications. It eliminates the need for other medicines hence you’ll only need to pay for hormone therapy.

The cost depends on the methods of treatment.


Oral medication like pills can cost you somewhere between $120 to $250 per month. If the treatment has to go annual then it may cost $1440 to $2500 per year.

Patches and Gels

Patches and gels cost the same i.e. $120 to $250 monthly and $1440 to $2500 annually. These have much lesser side effects but less effectivity so you have to use them more time than pills for better results.


Men usually need more testosterone than women so pellet therapy is costly for men than women. Men need to pay $630 to $730 for every pellet inserted. The pellets are only inserted 2 to 4 times per year.


Injections can cost you $100 to $150 per month. Accordingly, the annual cost will be $1200 to $1800.

Insurance companies can also pay for the treatment and make hormone therapy for men highly subsidized. The cost also depends upon the amount of testosterone one needs.

Reference: Bubolo Medical

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