A full-term pregnancy lasts not less than 37 weeks, if a baby is born before 37 weeks, it is considered a preterm baby, and if the baby is born before the 28th week of pregnancy, then the baby is considered extremely premature. 

A full-term baby is healthy and has fewer chances of complications, but a preterm baby can have several complications; he may require a ventilator to breathe as the lungs aren’t fully developed. This is one of the complications, but a preterm baby can have a list of complications. 

Preterm pregnancy in Lake Mary is a rising issue; Dr. Christopher K. Quinsey has come up with ways to have a healthy and full-term pregnancy. 

What Are the Causes of Premature Birth?

Causes of a premature baby are undefined, but we have a few risk factors that could lead to premature birth. These factors include: 

  1. History of premature births.
  2. Having twins or triplets.
  3. Having a short interval between successive pregnancies can be a cause of premature birth.
  4. Conceiving through IVF has greater chances of having a premature birth. 
  5. Abnormal uterus or cervix.
  6. Problems with placenta.
  7. Smoking.
  8. Diabetes.
  9. High blood pressure.
  10. Being physically weak or underweight. 
  11. Stress and physical trauma.

The above-listed risk factors may appear in some women, but many women have premature births without any of the risk factors mentioned above. 

Ways of Preventing Premature Births 

After we have known what a premature birth is and what are the possible risk factors, it is essential to know how we can prevent such situations and have a healthy pregnancy. 

The prevention methods can reduce the chances of premature birth but cannot guarantee that the pregnancy will be full term. 

Methods of Prevention Include: 

  1. Progesterone supplementation- Mothers who have had a premature birth in the past can take these medications to reduce the chances of a preterm baby in successive pregnancies.
  2. The mother should avoid smoking, and also try to avoid passive smoking.
  3. Alcohol could lead to several complications in pregnancy. It can even harm the baby being nurtured inside the womb.
  4. Avoid any kinds of drugs and medication until and unless not prescribed by a doctor. 
  5. Regular workout, meditation, and yoga. 
  6. Having a healthy and balanced diet enriched with folic acid and iron. 

These ways of preventing premature birth have great results in reducing the chances of premature birth and in the baby getting healthier and physically stronger. 

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