Effective family planning methods entail various methods that are required to prevent unplanned children. In the modern world, many couples use family planning techniques. Family planning enables the proper planning of children. Couples visit family planning specialists to receive advice on the recommended family planning method. If you are thinking of getting a family planning option, Women’s health care physicians have the best Naples OB/GYN. Visit them to discuss the available options that might be suitable for you.

Contraceptive Implants

This procedure involves inserting a small-sized rod underneath the skin on your arm. The implant is filled with progestin and can last up to three years. The process is usually done by women and is reversible. Whenever you are ready to have children before the expiry period, they can have it removed by a professional.

Intrauterine System

This procedure involves the insertion of a small t-shaped item into the uterus. The device has progestin and can last up to between 3 to 5 years. You can decide to remove the device when you are prepared to have kids. Some of the known side effects include light or no periods at all.

Intrauterine Devices

The intrauterine device is a small T-shaped item with copper and inserted into the female uterus. The device blocks the sperm from getting to or fertilizing the ovum. The device may also keep the ovum from attaching itself to the lining of the uterus. This family planning option lasts up to 10 years, but one can remove it if one wants kids sooner.

The Vaginal Ring

This type of family planning method is known as the NuvaRing. The procedure involves inserting a plastic ring inside the vagina. The ring releases progestin and estrogen to ensure its effectiveness. The patient must ensure the ring is in place and change it often or within a scheduled timeframe.

Female Sterilization

Female sterilization is a medical surgery for women, also referred to as tubal ligation. The doctor performs surgery and cuts or blocks both the fallopian tubes that link the female ovaries and the uterus. This procedure usually is irreversible and is only done once. The process involves various risks such as pain, infection, and maybe ectopic pregnancy later on.

Male Sterilization

The procedure is also referred to as vasectomy and is performed on the male organs. The process involves medical surgery, in which the tubes in the testes that lead to other glands are blocked to ensure the semen produced no longer has sperm. The procedure is irreversible, and you have to wait for a short period before it is effective.

Contact a Family Planning Specialist Today

These are medical procedures and need professionals to correctly place them into the female or male organs for effective results. It is your right to know and have a thorough knowledge of all these methods before using them as a patient. There are various risks and known side effects of these procedures. Still, it is advisable to consult with your medical practitioner before using it because your body might react differently to the procedure. If you require a family planning specialist, contact Women’s Health Care Physicians in Naples today and book an appointment with them.

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