A significant proportion of people are lucky to have blemishes that go away independently after some time. However, you may be in that class of people who are left with scars after acne has healed. Although they are not harmful, they make people embarrassed and self-conscious in public. The good news is that doctors now have a wide range of treatment options for these kinds of cosmetic problems. Book an appointment with Northstar Dermatology for the treatment of acne scars in Fort Worth. Below is all the information you need regarding treatment options.

Why do scars form, and what are the signs?

You may be wondering why you develop acne scars while others do not. Well, there are various reasons why this could be the case. To begin with, scars could be influenced by genetics. This is where members of the same family struggle with acne scarring. Alternatively, you are at higher risks of developing scars as you age. Studies have shown that collagen production decreases as we advance in age. Too much collagen could have the same effects.

Once you begin to develop acne scars, you will notice firm, red, and raised bumps on your skin. You can also identify them by spots in areas that previously had pimples. Alternatively, they will appear as sunken areas which vary in size. If you feel uncomfortable with these scars, you should talk to a dermatologist to determine the best treatment option.

Treatment options of acne scars

  1.         Laser treatment

Laser skin procedures work on blood vessels to lighten scars formed on the skin. These scars may be raised or flat, and they vary in color from pink to purple. The most common lasers used are carbon dioxide ablative lasers and fractional lasers. Doctors can also use lasers to treat other skin conditions including skin cancer and burns.

  1.         Chemical peels

As the name suggests, chemical peels work by removing the affected skin to give room for rejuvenation. Patients who undergo this procedure testify to having smoother skin free from scars and blemishes. You may experience mild redness that goes away after some time. People prefer chemical peels because they are less expensive compared to other options.

iii.         Microneedling

Doctors prick the skin multiple times using tiny needles in this treatment procedure. The fine needle injections stimulate collagen production which is essential for a smooth and even skin tone. Microneedling is also used to treat signs of aging by eliminating fine lines and improving texture.

  1.         Surgery

Surgery is used for cases that are stubborn to treat using the other options. Here, doctors cut the scars from your skin and repair the area using a skin graft. They have to use needles inserted below the skin to loosen fibers underneath the scar.

Almost everyone has been affected by acne at some point in life. If you are still left with stubborn scars after acne has healed, you should seek medical attention to find the best treatment options. Experts at Northstar Dermatology use advanced procedures to improve your appearance and boost your confidence. Book an appointment online today for customized treatment.


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