Hammertoe is a condition where your toes appear curled or bent. It creates discomfort and increases insecurity in you about the appearance of your feet. In Bakersfield, hammertoe can be treated with home remedies. However, you must seek appropriate medical treatment before the condition worsens with time.

It is a deformity of a toe that causes it to curl downward. There are chances that you have a hammertoe by birth, developing discomfort in the future. 

How is a hammertoe caused?

  • Hammertoe usually affects the last three toes and is generally caused when the toe is bent in a particular position for a more extended period.
  • It can also be caused by wearing shoes that are tight or pointed. 
  • You are also likely to get a hammertoe if you have a longer bunion than the toe attached to it. 
  • Incidents in which your leg or foot was hurt can also cause a hammertoe.
  • Wearing shoes that are smaller than your usual size.
  • In severe cases, spinal cord or peripheral nerve damage can also cause your toes to curl up.

If a hammertoe is determined at an early stage, it can be treated without any surgery. If the affected toe is still flexible, you can treat early treatments to save you both -time and money. 

Non-surgical treatments for hammertoe

Following are some convenient options that will help you treat a hammertoe without surgeries:


  • Avoiding certain footwear – Any footwear that holds your toes in an uncomfortable position must be avoided. This discomfort can include tight, high heels and shoes that have a pointed top. Avoiding these shoes will give your toes space. Avoid shoes that will possibly prevent overcrowding of your toes.
  • Orthotic devices – These devices can prevent muscle imbalances and prevent other toes from having the problem in the future. They help position your toe in its original place.
  • Applying splints – Applying splints or tapes can help realign your toes. It is meant to be used on the affected toe to prevent it from bending further and getting its shape back.
  • Physical therapies – Physical exercises like stretching can help reverse your toe back to its place and prevent a future imbalance that causes hammertoe. Exercises can be performed at home or a physical therapy center under the guidance of a professional therapist.
  • Crest pads – Crest pads, also known as hammertoe regulators, work on your affected toe with adjustable straps that help keep your toe straight and avoid it from touching other toys.

You can go for non-surgical treatments if your hammertoe is still flexible; however, if your toe is not flexible anymore, there are chances that you might need surgery.

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