Droopy eyes can make you appear tired all the time or older than your actual age. Sagging eyelids can also make you lose confidence in yourself, making it difficult for you to enjoy your life. If droopy eyelids are left untreated, they droop to the extent of impairing your vision. If you’re looking for treatments for droopy eyelids in Dulles, Sanctuary Cosmetic Center should be your ultimate choice.

What are droopy eyelids?

Eyelid drooping, also known as ptosis, refers to the excessive sagging of your upper eyelids. Eyelid sagging may occur as you get older, but there are cases where kids may be born with this disorder. In most cases, droopy eyelids are a cosmetic concern, but for others, the eyelids may sag to the point of impacting your vision. Droopy eyelids can also occur due to several other medical conditions and may be temporary or permanent. Fortunately, the skilled specialists at Sanctuary Cosmetic Center offer treatment for droopy eyelids to restore your vision or for cosmetic purposes.

What causes sagging eyelids?

Droopy eyelids may occur due to several causes, ranging from complex medical conditions to natural causes. Anyone can get sagging eyelids; men and women experience the same intensity of the condition. Droopy eyelids that occur in older people are due to the stretching of the levator muscle-the muscle responsible for keeping your eyelid firm-causing your eyelids to sag. The levator muscle can also be damaged by aggressive eye rubbing, cataract surgery, eye trauma, or stiff contacts. Droopy eyelids that occur at birth are known as congenital ptosis. Other causes of sagging eyelids include:

  •                     Eyelid tumors
  •                     Botox injections
  •                     Certain neurological conditions
  •                     Advanced age
  •                     Eyelid cysts
  •                     Nerve damage

Ptosis often occurs in people with life-threatening conditions, such as spinal cord injury or stroke.

How can you know if you’re eligible for eyelid surgery?

During your visit to Sanctuary Cosmetic Center, the experienced team conducts a comprehensive medical exam to determine the underlying cause of your droopy eyelids.  They may examine your forehead and your eyes before creating the appropriate treatment plan for you. The oculoplastic surgeon may also review your medical history before enquiring about your eyelid health and any supplements or medications you may be currently taking. After determining the root cause of your ptosis, the team can recommend the appropriate surgical intervention.

How can surgery correct sagging eyelids?

During the procedure, the team carefully lifts your upper eyelids and tightens your levator muscle. Then they make tiny incisions on your upper eyelids. The second step involves restoring your eyelid to its natural position to improve your vision. Then they remove the extra sagging skin and suture the incision to keep your eyelid in place. After the procedure, your eyelids may appear swollen and may temporarily blur your vision. The team may prescribe lubricating eye drops to prevent your eyes from drying out.

If droopy eyelids are causing you to have low self-esteem, contact Sanctuary Cosmetic Center or schedule an online appointment for treatment. 

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