Mohs surgery is a procedure that removes cancer cells from the skin. In this procedure, the doctor eliminates layers of cancerous cells until he finds healthy skin within. Also known as Mohs micrographic surgery, its primary goal is to remove as many cancer cells and cause minimal damage to healthy skin. This surgery requires a highly skilled dermatologist. So, if you are looking for a Mohs Surgeon in Glen Allen, VA, this post will help you find one.

Tips for Finding a Mohs Surgeon

  1. Look for a Dermatologist Specialized in Surgical Procedures

Some dermatologists specialize in medical, cosmetic, or surgical concerns. Mohs procedure is a type of surgery so choose your dermatologist accordingly.

  • Verify the Credentials

You can verify the doctor’s credentials by visiting their official website and searching them in search engines. Nowadays, search engines give you more information such as qualification, experience, specialization, etc. 

  • Check the Online Reviews

Most doctors have reviews on google. But don’t rely on them entirely because, firstly, an individual who is satisfied by the treatment doesn’t have any real motivation to give a review unless the doctor asks himself. Secondly, a person who puts a negative review is motivated to get grievance compensation. So google reviews don’t give you the exact picture. But of course, do not neglect the thoughts that your friends and family members may offer because they know you and your needs very well.

  • Notice Red Flags

Red flags can prove to be a deal-breaker, so notice them. Some red flags could be hidden fees, an unwelcoming office, hostile bedside manner, unsatisfactory results, sales-driven behavior, or non-specific treatments.

  • Re-check With Yourself After Your First Appointment

Nothing can replace your experience once you make your first appointment with the doctor. Ask yourself whether you felt heard, were you comfortable discussing your concern, and did the doctor give you many options or forced you to opt. for only one procedure during the conversation. 

  • Plan Out Your Payment

Once you get a rough idea of the expense of the treatment, check whether your insurance covers that expense. Check the payment mode the doctor accepts to prevent any last moment chaos.  


There are many Moh surgeons, but choosing one could be a little confusing and overwhelming. So if you research as we discussed, you can make the process a lot simpler for you.

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