Bariatric surgery is not a 100% solution for weight loss; along with the surgery, the patient has to follow several guidelines, nutrition, exercise, and more. Some patients may find it difficult or may have other issues and start to regain all those lost pounds. Here is where a revision bariatric surgery comes into action. 

A revision bariatric surgery is a procedure that helps lose weight who underwent bariatric surgery and didn’t get the expected results or the patients who didn’t follow the nutritional guidelines and relapsed. A specialist in Surgery revisions in Frisco can help you with the procedure of bariatric revision surgery. 

You may consider bariatric revision surgery if you have regained weight after a gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve. This may help you lose weight again and may also help diagnose if you have some pathology. 

When Does a Patient Need Revision Surgery? 

In most cases, when a patient starts to regain weight, they look out for a revision bariatric surgery. However, the most common reasons have been mentioned below: 

  1. Some patients need revision surgery due to changes in the anatomy (the stomach has been stretched, allowing the patient to eat more). This can be physiological or pathological and requires repair.
  2. Changes in behavior, depression, or emotional stress can contribute to weight gain. 
  3. Some patients undergo a bariatric surgery named gastric band and do not get desired results. Later, these patients opt. for a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, which has been shown to give better results than gastric bands. 

The most important question that comes into mind is why does a patient gain weight again after bariatric surgery? 

This can be because of the following reasons: 

  • Pregnancy- A pregnancy can often lead to weight gain and is entirely physiological. 
  • Eating habits- Making the right food choices, eating food that meets the nutritional guidelines is most important. Even a person who wants to lose weight without undergoing bariatric surgery needs to follow strict guidelines. 
  • Exercise- No weight loss process can be complete without training. Diet and weight loss go hand in hand. If you don’t exercise, the results after surgery can be prolonged. Moreover, after a few years, you may regain all those pounds if you don’t exercise. 

The key to weight loss is diet and exercise, a patient who exercises regularly and follows an excellent nutritional diet has meager chances of relapse. 

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